Monday, January 11, 2010


At least that's what my student told me the other day, and that's exactly what I told the laundry room!

Who's house is this???? I mean just look at this mess, I certainly wasn't raised this way ( sorry mommy).
I should be embarrassed ;but, this is actually therapy for me. I figure if I put it put there all wrong (aka just like it is) then I gotta make it right. right?

I just can't get it together, not to mention I totally lack room aka motiviation. I like this color and I'm thinking a nice toile would go really nice but where? Any suggestions? Anyone??? It gets worse, keep looking.
By the way that's a flower arrarngement I made years ago for our wedding, it used to be really nice ( I can't make myself part with it).

This is just a pile of neglect, cut me some slack I teach and run an online business. Are you buying any of this? I didnt think so:(

Ok, so this is my cry for help!!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I keep telling myself that I'm Dorothy and if I click my heels long enough it will look like this:

This is Rhoda's place, so chic; but, so is she check her out over here. Check back soon because I just can't leave it this way, well not now that you've all seen it:) Forgive me for not offering y'all any tea but lets be realistic where would you sit with anyway? HA!