Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laundry Room update

Well, I did it, or did I? I must say I kinda likee:) I washed and washed and folded and folded I painted and even managed to sew a few things here and there. Look for yourself and tell me whatcha think? 
You can check out the before here

Ok, so I after I washed and folded and everything else I had to hide that space above the washer and dryer that I use store I mean hide I mean store things:) I went to the fabric store and got fabric for 60% off then I made a new BFF the TENSION ROD, do you know him? I love him! I bought two of them:) I made this cute little clutter hider curtain in a few minutes and added a plant and some family phrased art then.....
After I left the fabric store I went to Home Depot and picked up these baskets they were cute and matched the fabric....SCORE...

After HM I went to Wallie world and found this book shelf on clearance for $20.00 I could'nt leave him
and he hides all of the cleaning products, paper towels and even a secret stash of fabric shhhhh. I made another curtain and used the extra tension rod to hang it. I am now doing the happy dance:)

My mom gave me this old frame and I love it I did'nt have to distress it or anything, when I saw it I thought lost sock station!!! and that's what it is!! I have a pins in there and it works great!

This is just a little corner for yet another plant and a cute little distressed white table.
Lastly I had this shelf that I glazed to match the lost sock station, I collect teacups and saucers and this is my miniature set:) so there you have it all, my dirty little secret and my clean sweep makeover. I really wanna add white beadboard and the word LAUNDRY in a rustic print or plaque of some sort oh yea and a lamp. what do you think?
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